• Rescue Equipment VR

Rescue Equipment VR

Release, ignition, safety and maintenance of a fully closed lifeboat.

Transmitting knowledge to provide training and training for the rescue team can be a very difficult task to contrast with the theory with “real practice”, referring to the fact that “real practice” is a matter of life or death, in this context of the experience. Many times it is one step and then the other, and very rarely a fusion takes place that has repercussions in a “learning-doing”.

  • Service

    Virtual reality experience for students, professors and professionals in the energy industry.

  • Platform

    HTC Vive



Virtual reality training systems create an immersive and realistic environment to the context that each procedure develops, and this adds another dynamic dimension to 3D simulations.


Virtual reality technologies allow users to interact with instruments, mobiles and / or computer simulated environments in real realism. Most of these applications are used in worker training, where some of the more advanced systems use 360 degree surround rooms seen with stereoscopic glasses.

Spatial Sound

Several speakers generate high-fidelity sound effects to familiarize workers with the hard and sometimes subtle sounds found in the actual workplace.