Sophie´s Guardian

A VR horror game.

Little girl’s nightmares and fears represented on this VR title will take you to be immersed in hours of fun trying to break the scoreboards and playing with other friends locally… using just one VR headset! Attention: This videogame is Mod friendly.

  • Platform

    HTC Vive.

  • Game Engine

    Lodestone Engine.


About the Game

In this experience the player takes the place of Griff, a Guardian Teddy Bear who has to fight possessed dolls that attack Sophie, a little girl that just moved with her mom to a haunted house. Sophie’s Guardian is a VR Survival Horror FPS that provides a creepy experience for players with three intense game modes:

Guardian, Gunslinger and Puppeteer.


Sophie, a 9-year-old girl, and her mom recently moved to a very old house at the outskirts of town.

As soon as they arrive the kid explores the house alongside her best friend, a worn teddy bear named Griff.The girl happens to find a very rusty key and opens the door of a locked room over the second floor.

The place it’s filled with things forgotten by the previous owners, there are scribbles in the walls and it has a very eerie vibe to it. Sophie suddenly finds herself surrounded by tiny red eyes and the sound of a hipnotical music box starts playing behind her.

Sophie realizes she can’t move anymore as a crooked voice whispers: “You’re not welcome” as some skinny long doll arms take her away as she drops her teddy bear to the floor; the door gets shut and nobody hears or notices the unfortunate event…except for Griff.


-The Puppeteer Mode:

The players take turns to manipulate the doll’s spawn points with the use of a game pad. That affects directly on how the dolls attack the player that is using the headset. In other words, one player protects Sophie of being attacked and the other player triggers the evil dolls’ waves.

-The Gunslinger Mode:

Tests your accuracy, reflexes and dexterity with the increasing hordes of evil dolls. The player must survive the longest while more and more dolls keep coming. This game mode features global and local scoreboards.

-The Guardian Mode:

Here’s where Sophie and Griff’s story can be experienced. The player faces evil dolls’ waves and the victory is achieved by defeating all the enemies including the final boss.