• Feria de León 2017 | UNESCO ODS

Feria de León 2017 | UNESCO ODS

Sustainable Development Goals.

4 experiences of different RV for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural(UNESCO) in Mexico and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Higher Education (SICES) State were created Guanajuato, within the framework of the Year of innovation that drives the Government of Guanajuato throughout 2017 with the intention to strengthen the link between higher education institutions, society and the private sector as a strategy to promote innovation.

  • Client

    Gobierno del Estado de Guanajuato | UNESCO

  • Target

    Attends of the Fair of Leon.

  • Platform

    HTC Vive


Assembly Line

Must manipulate the pieces and assemble the car using the jig. You need assemble the car before time runs out.

Tower containers

Stacking must handle and containers to form the tower or higher structure that you can before time runs out.

Protects nature

Must take care and water all the trees around you. When you see a tree begins to dry I water with the hose! Prevents drying and complete the largest number of trees before time runs.

Separate and scores

Arrange colored objects falling from the sky in its color coded containers before the time runs out. You can throw or deposit each object to score points.